Why You Need A Will Real Estate Lawyer in San Diego

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Lawyers

Many people do not know that legal issues related to real estate investing are part of civil law. They therefore do not understand the importance of hiring the services of a lawyer to handle such cases. A real estate lawyer in San Diego helps you handle transactions including real estate closing, contract drafting and review, eminent domain, land use, foreclosures, real estate liens, leases and residential and commercial title insurance.

Your estates attorney assists you to discern the fate of your properties after you die. You will therefore be sure that your family is safe after you die, and your heirs will not face a larger tax liability. Will real estate lawyer will also carry out the following tasks:

Writing wills

It is your duty to write a will that stipulates what happens to your properties after death. This will help prevent conflict among your successors, and avoid the need for your properties to undergo the intestate succession law. You estate lawyer will assist you in writing a will that is compatible with the law of your area.

Set up trusts

A will and estate attorney can help you establish the right type of trust. Trusts are essentially additions to wills, which enable you to divide the ownership of your assets, allowing the heir to use the assets, but giving the trust the actual ownership. Trust will ensure that your money is handled in the right way, and you avoid paying high taxes.

Challenging wills

Sometimes the beneficiaries may presume that a will is not right. For example, that the writer was not mentally competent, was coerced or an impartial witness was not involved in signing the will. In such circumstances, the heir can impede the enforcement of the will. A real estate lawyer can represent the heir who challenges the will.

Dissolving trusts

Naturally, some trusts are established to end at a certain time. For instance, you can hold your child’s money in trust until the child is eighteen years old. Alternatively, you may establish a trust and decide to alter the terms or do away with the trust if you no longer want an heir to receive the money.

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