Clogged Toilet: You May Need to Contact a Plumber Jonesboro GA

Any clog present in the home can be a major annoyance, yet it is very common. While some clogs can be resolved with the help of a plunger and drain cleaning fluid, often the most cumbersome type of clog results in the toilet. Toilet clogs might appear to be nothing more than a bit of tissue paper trapped in the drain, but often do it yourselfers are faced with the fact that there is a lot more going on. When a toilet plunger does not immediately do the trick, it is simply best to hire a Plumber Jonesboro GA area to look into the problem for you.

Major Repairs Can Damage the Toilet

While you should always try to unclog the problem yourself to save time and money, if you find it does not work, you should simply contact a professional. Many consumers try to use other solutions such as chemical mixtures and drain snakes, but they can cause more damage to the toilet than help. Most chemicals and plumbing tools are best when used by a professional who has up to date equipment that will resolve the problem immediately.

Increased Risk of Overflow or Backup

Attempting to do your own clog repairs beyond the bathroom plunger could make the matter worse. Depending on the tools and chemicals you use, you could make the clog worse, which would result in larger backups and overflows. An overflowing toilet means that you’ll have wastewater all throughout your home. This is smelly, annoying, and could be a potential health risk if not properly cleaned.

Problem Could be Worse Than a Clog

When you experienced a clog toilet, this is usually a sign of a much bigger problem, including the sewer lines. The sewer line is responsible for transporting the waste water from your home to the municipal sewer. There could be significant issues that include tree root infestation, landslides, or even corrosion which needs to be dealt with by a plumbing professional.

So in closing, if you notice that the toilet is backed up, you can first try remedying the problem with a plunger, however, when that doesn’t work, contact a professional Plumber from Hammond Services Jonesboro GA for assistance. They will remove the clog without risk of major backups, sewer issues, and more that could prove detrimental to your home’s plumbing system.

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