Common Problems Caused by Forgetting Routine 3 Maintenance of a Commercial Freezer in St. Paul MN

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many businesses are trying to cut back on expenses in an effort to save money. One of the most common areas to cut back on regularly scheduled maintenance of a commercial freezer. While this may sound like a good idea to save money, it can actually end up costing business owners more in the long run.

Not scheduling regular maintenance on a Commercial freezer in St. Paul MN can cost business owners anywhere from several hundred to a couple thousand dollars. All because of problems that are not caught and fixed early during a scheduled maintenance visit from a local heating and cooling company.

If you are wondering what types of problems can be caught during a regular maintenance stop for a commercial freezer in St. Paul MN, here is a look at three of the most common problems technicians find when inspecting a unit.

Restricted Air Flow

The coils in a commercial freezer tend to get dirty over time. The dirt will accumulate on the coils, which will stop the motor that runs the freezer fans. This restricts air flow throughout the commercial freezer, which reduces efficiency and can even cause food to spoil.

Thermostat That Does Not Read Proper Temperature

Business owners need to know the exact temperature inside their commercial freezer. A dirty condenser coil will cause the thermostat to provide an improper read out of the temperature inside.

The temperature on the thermostat is wrong due to the fact that the commercial freezer is drawing a high amount of amps. High amps are drawn when the condenser coil is so dirty, it fails to operate properly.

In some cases, a dirty condenser coil may even cause the entire thermostat to stop working. This would require an entire replacement of the thermostat.

Freezer Wiring Burns or Fails to Work

The entire commercial freezer is made up of a complex network of wires. Those wires can become frayed, burned, or just stop working, which will prevent the freezer from cooling down.

Some common causes of wires burning or fraying in a commercial freezer include:

1. Improper fitting
2. Excessive amp drawing
3. Dirty condenser coils

Scheduling a routine maintenance check of a commercial freezer is essential as it catches these, and other problems, before they become costly. Visit Website of Twin City Mechanical to schedule or learn more about routine maintenance checks for commercial freezers.


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