Common SIgns You Need Hot Water Heater Repair in Margate

Your hot water heater is meant to last around ten to fifteen years. Over time, corrosion can build up and cause the heater’s function to decrease. Regular flushing of your heater, by a licensed plumber, can help to keep the corrosion at bay and prolong the life of your heater. There are signs that can alert you of problems with your Water Heater Margate. Through this information, you will be prepared to know when to call for repair or replacement.

1. When a water heater is becoming overly corroded inside, you will begin to see rust-colored or brownish water when you turn the hot water on at the faucet. Even a milky color in your hot water can signal mineral buildup and should not be ignored.

2. If you notice changes to your hot water levels, this could be a sign of problems. When your tank becomes filled with corrosion, it can block the flow of hot water. You may also experience a lack of hot water if your heating element is going out. Click here for more details.

3. Banging noises can indicate your valves are opening and closing irregularly. This needs to be investigated by a licensed plumber. It most likely means you need a full water heater replacement.

4. Leaks under your tank are an obvious sign of problems. Never try to fix a hot water leak on your own, as this can lead to electrical shock. Rely on the expertise of a licensed plumber and make sure the job is done right.

5. If your hot water is used up and then takes a long time to recover, this can also be a sign of problems.

None of these signs should ever be ignored. If you are experiencing these signs, you need to call a licensed plumber for repair or replacement of your Water Heater Margate. This will ensure your unit is repaired or replaced correctly, so damages do not occur.

If you are in need of hot water heater repair, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.  They can provide you with a variety of plumbing services, to keep your plumbing working properly.

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