Common Types of Aesthetic Facial Surgery You Can Get

Modern surgical technologies have come with their share of benefits to people who would like to make changes to their physical appearance. This is most common with older people who are aging but wish to maintain an appealing young face. Advancement in Aesthetic Facial Surgery techniques has also enabled people to change their skin color permanently for various reasons best known to them. Some of the common types of cosmetic facial surgeries include:


This kind of surgery is widely sought by older people who have developed wrinkles and other signs of aging on their face. The process simply involves making an incision along the hairline and pulling back the wrinkled skin so that it can stretch. After stretching, the skin no longer sags thus removing the wrinkles on the face. The excess skin that was sagging is removed and disposed of according to the laid out procedures.

Many people fear that the skin may detach where it was stitched, but this has gone down as a baseless claim as more people keep visiting surgeons for face lifting. The process is usually painless as the surgeon administers sedatives before starting the surgery. Some of the benefits of undergoing a facelift include:

1. It makes you look younger

2. It improves your confidence and self-esteem as you can now feel free to mingle with young people

3. You look more beautiful or handsome

Before undergoing a facelift, first know the risks associated with the surgery and what it may cost to maintain your new look.

Skin resurfacing

If you have skin irregularities on your face caused by destructive sun rays or skin disorders, you may want to resurface it surgically to regain your natural look. Some of the common skin irregularities you may have on your face include:

1. Visible blood vessels

2. Sunspots and freckles

3. Static or dynamic wrinkles

4. Scars caused by acne or injury to your skin

5. Loss of skin tone that may be caused by weakening of the supportive elastin and collagen tissue.

These are the common types of Aesthetic Facial Surgery you can get. If you are not comfortable with your facial appearance, you can consult David K. Hiranaka, M.D., D.M.D for surgical solutions. Alternatively, visit their website:

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