Consider the Beauty of a Cedar Roof in Richmond, VA

There are regular roofs, and then there are premium roofing systems. Premium roofing includes slate, tile, copper and wood. Wood shakes and shingles are made out of redwood, cypress and cedar. These roofs tend to be a bit more expensive than composition shingles or flat roofs, but are worth every penny. Wood shingles, the most common of which are cedar, offer excellent insulation solutions and are beautiful. A cedar roof in Richmond, VA will make your home or business stand out and get noticed.

Installation of wood shakes and shingles is specialized, and can be costly and disastrous if not done properly the first time. Once you decide to make the investment in a premium roofing system such as cedar, you must then seek out a company that can handle the task. In addition to being fully licensed, bonded and insured, find one that specializes in wood shakes and shingles specifically. Ask about their training program and the credentials of their installers. Continuing training is what you want in this situation. Updates inform staff about the latest energy efficient wood shakes and shingles and the latest installation procedures. Premium roofing systems need proper maintenance, so ask if they have a maintenance plan.

A cedar roof in Richmond, VA can have individual shingles repaired or replaced, and that will lengthen the life span of your roof. Have gutters inspected as often as your roof to ensure that water is draining away from your house effectively. There are a few companies and contractors in the area that do specialize in cedar and other premium roofing systems. One such contractor is Stevens Roofing Corp, and they can handle installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance on a cedar roof and your gutter system as well. You will get free estimates and information about maintenance plans. Also ask about references/testimonials from customers to determine their level of satisfaction.

Your home or business is the best asset you and your family have, so it only makes sense to invest in it wisely. Increase the value and energy efficiency of your home while also increasing its beauty. You will be glad you had a premium roofing system installed by professionals, and you will enjoy your home for many years.

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