Considerations When Choosing CNC Companies Over General Machining Shops

In many industries and applications, extremely precise parts and components with high tolerances are required by standards and industry regulations. A good example of this is the medical device manufacturing industry, where parts have to be produced as close to identical as possible to provide uniform and consistent final products.

Other examples of industries where precision is essential including in the energy sector, in aerospace and avionics as well as in oil and gas refineries and production equipment. However, there are also several benefits to consider in choosing CNC companies to partner with for OEMs outside of these industries.

The CNC Difference

With the use of CNC or computer numerical control software and equipment, CNC companies can offer several benefits not possible through general machining shops. These benefits are worth considering for small to large OEMs as they do offer advantages and options which can save money, reduce production time and decrease time to market from prototyping through to volume production.

With the use of technology, CNC companies are able to offer lower prices on parts and components. This can be accomplished through lower labor requirements to produce a part, less waste as well as the virtual elimination of defects. These factors all reduce the cost of production for the machining service, allowing this savings to be passed onto customers.

The decreased turnaround from order to delivery is also a factor of the automation of the process. The equipment and CNC machining centers require very little in the way of maintenance and downtime, and setup can be very fast and precise, also helping to reduce the time from order to shipment.

Additionally, with the use of advanced multi-axis machining centers, complex parts can be produced on one piece of equipment, also reducing time, cost and labor requirements.

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