Reasons You Should Consider a Table Shower Massage

Even those who regularly visit a massage parlor in Gardena, CA, may not have experienced the table shower massage. It is a technique that is unique, which means many people are interested in what it’s all about. In reality, this massage is simple and relaxing. You lie on a waterproof table with a set of sprinklers above you. The sprinklers let down water and a therapist massages your entire body.

There are many benefits to choosing a table shower massage, which we will look at now.

Complete Relaxation

While every massage technique is going to offer relaxation, the table shower massage does it one better. You get the benefit of a regular massage while also getting the benefits of a hydro massage. With the water and the massage going on, you may find it is easy to relax and enjoy the experience. In addition, the water will make you feel renewed and purified at the end of the session.

Improved Healing

If you are someone who has old joint or muscle injuries, table shower massage might be the perfect option for you. Water massage applies direct pressure to any areas that are sore, but also allow your body to bring in more oxygen. Having more oxygen helps your body start healing after an injury.

Less Pauses Between Treatments

Sometimes you might head to a massage parlor in Gardena, CA, only to have a massage but other times you might want a mud wrap or other specialized service. The excellent thing about a table shower massage is you don’t have to spend any downtime. You can get your wrap and immediately go into the massage. The therapist simply cleans the mud off of you and keeps going with your massage.

Deep Tissue Massage for Beginners

If you have been thinking about delving into deep tissue massage, table shower massage can be a nice middle ground. Some people find deep tissue massage a bit too painful, which makes the process not worth the benefits it provides. Instead, consider having the water jets turned up to provide more deep tissue massaging action. You’ll get the same benefits without the pain.

There are tons of reasons to consider table shower massage at a massage parlor in Gardena, CA. If you want to visit an experienced therapist who will walk you through the procedure, Essences Spa would love to help. You can learn more about us at

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