Considerations When People are Searching for Another Burial Alternative

Like it or not, death is one thing that all people are sure to meet up with one day. While talking about the subject of death is not exactly a dinner conversation topic, it is a subject that must be dealt with. It is the responsible thing to do. Traditionally, most people buy an insurance policy that provides for their funeral and burial plus a little extra to take care of any debts that might be left. However, burial is not always the desired choice. People are now looking at a Burial Alternative. Here are a few.

  • Cremation is, of course, the most widely-used form of disposal of the human remains next to the traditional burial. It is not as expensive as a traditional funeral and seems to be a lot easier on the emotions than the traditional funeral and burial.
  • Cryonics is another alternative to burial. This process is very expensive and involves freezing the body and keeping it in a special chamber in the hopes that medical science might one day find a way to bring the person back to life.
  • A new process being offered is called resomation. This process involves dissolving the human tissue, liquefying the body by using heated water and potassium hydroxide. The bones that remain are crushed and returned to the family.
  • An old practice in the Orient is now making a comeback. The process of mummification is being offered as an alternative to traditional burial.
  • Another process which may seem rather bizarre, but is an option, is that of freeze-drying. The body is put into liquid nitrogen, which makes the body brittle. The powdered remains are then placed in a shallow grave.

Evergreen Washelli has been offering various types of funeral services for families in the Seattle and Bothell areas for several years. The funeral home offers everything a family would need to get through a funeral service or a cremation. The funeral home encourages people to plan ahead and get the final affairs in order.

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