Consider Cremation Services in Milford OH

The passing of a loved one never happens at a convenient time. No one is ever prepared for losing someone special, so it’s important to know what options are available for final arrangements before any decisions need to be made. Cremation Services in Milford OH is an affordable choice that offers an alternative to a traditional in-ground casket burial.


Services for a casket burial can range anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000 depending on what options the family chooses. The largest expenditure is the price of the casket, which can run between $2,000 – $10,000, so the overall cost of a casket funeral can add up quickly. Cremation does not require a casket, so the expenses for this type of service are more budget friendly.

About Cremation

The process of cremation is really quite simple. The body of the deceased is taken to a crematorium where it is placed inside of a cremation chamber and subjected to extremely high temperatures ranging between 1400 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the body has been reduced to ash and bone fragments, the remains are then processed into a fine powder consistency and placed inside of an urn that is returned to the family.

Advantages of Cremation

Besides being a more economical choice, cremation allows for portability, which can be advantageous if the person passes away in an area that is far away from where the funeral will be held, or if the family moves at some point and wants to take the loved one with them. With cremation, there are also choices for the final resting place, since the urn containing the ashes can be placed in a mausoleum, buried in-ground, placed in a prominent spot in a home or scattered at a destination that holds special meaning for the deceased.

Cremation Services in Milford OH offer an eco-friendly choice, as urn storage takes up less space than a casket, which requires the purchase of a burial plot in a cemetery. Of course, with any type of funeral an individual can opt for preplanning to ensure that the service will be exactly what is desired. Preplanning makes it easier for a grieving family at a time when decision making can be difficult to do.

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