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It can often be hard to define drug and alcohol abuse. People’s values and opinions vary greatly. For some people, the use of drugs or alcohol to become intoxicated constitutes abuse while for others; abuse is indicated by such things as failure to meet obligations, substance abuse associated legal problems, impulsive spending, or even short-term memory loss. Therapists that specialize in employing psychology treatment can often help people in Mobile AL overcome their addiction and return to an acceptable lifestyle.

Therapy Can Help Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are physicians and therapists who specialize in addiction recovery. These professionals, along with the patient, set achievable goals as they strive to overcome their addiction. The first step is achieving sobriety; after this important step has been accomplished, the person can work on reestablishing his or her physical and emotional health. The therapist can explore the reasons behind the addiction or the cause of it, as the recovering addict begins to work with new and inventive coping strategies that are an integral part of psychology treatment. The therapist and patient can begin to focus on long-term goals that often include repairing damaged relationships with family and friends and accepting responsibility for actions that lead to distress and the breakdown of associations.

Several Approaches are Available

Several types of effective therapy are available to help the drug or alcohol dependent person overcome their addiction. A therapy that has proved to be effective is one that is “person-centered” and relies on the addict’s willingness to change. In many cases, therapy is an effective supplement to a self-help group the addict may be involved in, groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12-step program. For those that have difficulty in achieving their goal of sobriety as an outpatient, inpatient treatment is a viable option.

If you are looking for psychology treatment to help you overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol, contact Southern Psychiatry Associates in Mobile AL. For detailed information on how they can help, visit http://www.southernpsychiatry.net.

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