Contact a DUI Attorney in De Pere, WI As Soon As Possible

Any criminal charge has the potential for a severe penalty and can affect the person’s life even once their sentence is completed. A DUI is no different, and the penalties can be jail time, fines, loss of their license, and more. When a person is facing a DUI charge, it’s imperative they contact a DUI attorney in De Pere, WI as soon as possible, because the faster they do it, the more help they’re going to be able to receive.

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, they should speak as little as possible. Of course, they will need to state their name, age, address, and other identifying information for the officer, but they shouldn’t answer any questions about how many drinks they have consumed, their driving ability at that time, or any other questions the officer may have; instead, they should request an attorney. People can say things unintentionally and the words can be used against them in court, and they may not even be aware the statement could be damaging.

Once they have been arrested, charged and are released on bail, they can contact a DUI attorney in De Pere, WI for help, and he or she will try to formulate a defense to try to have the charges dropped or lowered if possible. There is a variety of ways they can do this: they can prove that the arrest was unlawful and/or show that the blood alcohol test results were invalid. If they cannot have the charges dropped or lowered, they will try to mitigate the severe penalties their client is facing. Having an attorney on hand could be the difference between receiving the maximum sentence for the charges or facing just a couple of days in jail and a small fine.

Anyone who has been arrested and charged with a DUI should try to speak as little as possible until they can contact an attorney. They can take a look at law firms like Brabazon Law Office LLC. Law firms like this one are known for their aggressive representation and the ability to get a far better outcome for their clients.

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