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An air compressor converts power into potential energy that is stored as pressurized air (compressed air). An air compressor forces air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When the upper limit of the tank’s pressure is met, the air compressor turns off. The compressed air is held in the tank until it is needed. During use, when the tank’s pressure reaches its lower limit, the air compressor engages and re-pressurizes the tank.

Air compressors have a wide range of applications, some of which are power nail guns, impact wrenches, power spray painting devices, and jackhammers. If you own a body shop or operate a manufacturing plant, then you have an air compressor and devices that depend on them for their operation. At some point in time, you will require Air Compressor Parts and Service in PA for your equipment.

Air compressors available from Air Center Inc. fall into two categories: positive displacement and negative displacement. Positive displacement air compressors work by forcing the air into a chamber whose volume is decreased to compress the air. Negative-displacement types use centrifugal force to accelerate and decelerate the air in order to capture air and then pressurize it.

Common types of positive-displacement air compressors include:

  *     Piston-type -; This type pumps air into an air chamber by using the constant motion of pistons.

  *     Rotary screw -; This type uses two matching helical screws that, when turned, funnel air into a chamber, whose volume decreases as the screws turn.

  *     Vane compressors -; This type uses a slotted rotor with different blade placement that guides the air into a chamber and then compresses the volume.

Air compressors are available in many sizes and shapes. A single-piston has one piston and is used mainly for light to moderate applications. This type would most often be found in a personal residence or local bike shop. Dual-piston types are powerful units with large motors typically found in heavy-duty applications requiring more than 150 psi. Common tank shapes are horizontal, vertical and pancake. Visit for the unit that best suits your needs.

Air compressors are powered by either gas or electricity. The advantage of gas powered air compressors is their portability. Having a properly functioning air compressor is vital to a business such as auto-body shops and construction sites. Contact Air Compressor Parts and Service PA for all your parts and service needs today.

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