Could You Make Money From Other People’s Trash? Learn How To Find And Sell Scrap Metal

Selling scrap metal is a great way to pick up some extra cash, and it can be found almost anywhere. Anything containing metal that is no longer usable for its original purpose can potentially be salvaged instead of thrown out. Scrap yards buy scrap from the public and are virtually everywhere. Here are some of the best places to find valuable scrap.


Old appliances that no longer work are great scrap sources. Most yards will buy them if you bring them in whole, but they will pay more if you break them down and sort out the different metal yourself. Most appliances and electronics use some copper. Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is very valuable form of salvage. Always separate the copper and strip any insulation off of the wires to get the most money for your Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia.

Air conditioners and refrigerators are two appliances that can bring in a lot at a scrap yard, but must be salvaged properly. The Freon contained inside them is harmful to the atmosphere, and by law must be removed by someone certified to do so. Doing so illegally is punishable by a $25,000 fine.

Trash And Dumpsters

Under federal law, anything that has been thrown out is considered public domain and can be taken. However, states and local governments may prohibit this, so check to make sure it is legal where you live before doing it. Dumpsters at apartment buildings can be a great place to find scrap. This is especially true in college towns, where students moving in and out leave huge amounts of salvageable trash in dumpsters. Students use and discard a lot of consumer electronics, which can be salvaged for Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia. It can be tedious to strip all the insulation, but you can get a lot for Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia.

Construction Sites

Never take materials from a construction site without asking as this is stealing. However, foremen are often willing to let you take spare materials off their hands at a low price, or even for free if you are lucky.

As you get more experienced finding and selling scrap, try to develop your own niche sources of salvage. There are literally thousands of places to find it for those willing to look.

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