Could Your Loved One Be Suffering From Nursing Home Neglect In Bowie?

It isn’t easy when a loved one has to go into a nursing home. They are in poor health and vulnerable but have the absolute right to be treated well. The home may have been carefully selected by the family, or a hospital stay may have resulted in a transfer to the nursing home. Some homes are wonderful, most are adequate, but a few should not be trusted with the care of anyone.

Inspect the home.

This is absolutely crucial, especially if your loved one is suffering from any degree of dementia. If the home belongs to a chain, visit the particular home under consideration. Quality can vary widely, depending upon management. Small homes may offer a good environment for some people, but can’t offer the services provided by a larger facility.

Does it Smell?

Go beyond the luxurious living room, which may be seldom used by residents, and visit the living areas. If there is an unpleasant odor, that is a sign of poor maintenance and poor management. Don’t accept any excuses; the care may be below par and could indicate.

What is the Staff to Patient Ratio?

If a nursing home is certified for Medicare and Medicaid, they are required to have an RN or LPN or duty at all times. Maryland state laws also require a minimum ratio of 25:1 for those who actually care for the residents. The nurse’s aides are the people who spend the most time with patients, so that is significant. The aides may be well-trained, caring people, but keep in mind that this is a low-paying job, and the home may have a high employee turnover. Since Maryland requires a certain staff level, homes with a high turnover may let the hiring standards slip. You can click here to get more information.

Possible Problems

Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie can take many forms. Insufficient or uncaring staff means that a patient can suffer from malnutrition or dehydration; some patients need coaxing or assistance at mealtime. Patients can develop painful and dangerous bedsores. Poor hiring practices can result in sexual predators preying on helpless elderly people.

The best way to prevent your loved one from suffering from Nursing Home Neglect in Bowie is to be watchful on their behalf. If something doesn’t seem right, make surprise visits and schedule a consultation with The Jaklitsch Law Group. Your loved one is vulnerable; ensure that no one is allowed to mistreat them.

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