Could Your Marketing Strategy Benefit from European Market Research Consultancy?

Do you know which colors are unlucky in the country you’re hoping to successfully export to? Are you aware of what numbers or symbols are seen as auspicious signs? What images are appropriate for your intended customer base? Obtaining accurate answers to these questions are essential in order to reach your market, but ensuring the information you have is accurate and relevant can be surprisingly difficult. This is why many corporations who are considering investment in a new market use market research consultancy from Europe in order to shape their marketing strategy. Find out here how a good research consultancy can transform your marketing from mediocre to magnificent.

Get Those Local Details Right
Cultural differences are crucial when it comes to successful selling. Everything from the way in which the product is packaged, to the advantages you stress when informing your target group about it, matters. Some cultures relish overt selling, while others prefer a low-key approach which lets the caliber of the product speak for itself. Similarly, visual imagery needs to be carefully tailored so it appeals to the specific market for which it is intended. Market research consultancy from Europe should be able to provide this vital country-specific data, enabling you to shape your marketing to specifically meet the needs of the intended export market.

Local Regulations and Requirements
It’s of limited value to market your product in pounds and ounces if your export market uses the decimal weights system. If you’re planning an online sales venture, do you know how much import tax someone buying your product is going to be liable for, so you can set your pricing accordingly? For industries wanting to export their product in bulk in order to distribute it elsewhere, do you know what the local custom’s requirements are? Export Market Research Ltd. is a market research consultancy which can provide you with all the relevant information you need, tailored to the marketing needs of your particular company.

Best Marketing Channels
Online communication may be critical in some countries, but of less value where Internet connections are sporadic and a lower percentage of the population use electronic payment methods. While “advanced Europe” and the US commonly use social media and online marketing for their products, other European countries may still rely more heavily on television, the radio, posters, billboards and fliers in order to advertise products and services. A market research consultancy based in Europe can offer detailed information on the best way to get your message across, depending on the European country you intend to export to.

An effective marketing strategy needs to be carefully tailored to the needs of its intended customer. This is particularly important when marketing exported products, as customer expectations and requirements may be considerably different to those of the exporting country. Export Market Research Ltd. has the right combination of skills and knowledge to provide exporters with the relevant, detailed information they need to get their marketing strategy right the first time, maximizing the potential for profitability and sustainability.

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