Crank Up The Curb Appeal With Advice From Experts In Garage Door Sales in Minneapolis MN

Whistles and stares in public are universally considered an unwelcome taboo. When attractive and welcoming garage doors draw the attention of neighbors and passersby, however, whistles and stares are to be expected.

High Return on Investment

Realtors in the know will attest that curb appeal upgrades draw significantly more attention than improvements inside the house. Many homeowners don’t realize that garage doors can take up nearly 20% of a home’s street-facing exterior. As an improvement with relatively low cost, garage door replacement has a tremendous impact on curb appeal and utility since most homeowners use their garage door as their most frequent point of entry. For these reasons, a garage door update has been touted as one of the top home improvements that brings maximum return on investment.

An Array of Materials

Homeowners can choose from four basic types of garage doors: those that swing up, swing out, slide to the side, or most commonly, those that roll up. The most common garage door materials to choose from tend to be wood, which offers charm and substance; steel, which offers inexpensive durability and low maintenance; and aluminum, which offers lightweight rust resistance. Homeowners will also want to consider insulated garage doors for energy savings and noise reduction.

Structure and Style

The style of a home normally dictates the style of its garage door. Many homeowners following an architectural theme in their home exterior want to adhere to a certain style. Homeowners who have restored farmhouses or craftsman homes for example may choose swing or sliding doors for authenticity. Homeowners can mimic these unique styles, however, with modern roll-up doors made to look like the older versions. Decorative doors built with frame-and-panel construction will prove sturdier than doors with glued or nailed-on decoration. Glass panels structured to mimic the window pattern of the home bring light to the garage, but also add welcoming charm and visual continuity to the entire home.

Replacing garage doors is clearly one of the most affordable yet significant improvements a homeowner can make. AA Garage Door, experts in Garage Door Sales in Minneapolis MN can offer advice on what style and color garage door will best complement your home and attract the attention of your neighbors. Visit us or Browse the Site today.

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