Create a Grand Memorial With Sand Blasting in New Haven, CT

Taking a vacation is a great way to visit cities and towns that are unfamiliar, and is an awesome way to learn different customs and expand your knowledge base. While driving in historical towns such as those in the North-Eastern part of the country, the meticulous details of the architecture always stands out. The way the buildings are built and the unique carvings and designs usually catches the eyes of visitors who are passing through. From the gargoyles to the angels, crosses and different statues, the hard work of the artist is reflected in the details. The type of stone used or tool utilized to achieve such sculptures requires thought and know-how. This type of art has been around for centuries however, with new technology, the method has been modified to simplify and accommodate the creativity of various modern artists.

One new method used to achieve meticulous carvings is Sand Blasting. Sand Blasting is a method that uses high pressured streams of water strong enough to actually cut stone. The water is usually mixed with sharp minerals that will eventually chip the stone away in order to achieve the desired results. The stream of water can be controlled to achieve smooth or sharp edges. Anything can be created from stone using this method. One item that can be produced in large quantities, in a short amount of time is a headstone or tombstone.

Crypts and different plaques can be created to honor family members or different organizations. You can create a grand memorial with Sand Blasting in New Haven, CT with a great company that specializes in creating different types of monuments. This company is Shelley Brothers Monuments.

Shelley Brothers Monuments have been serving New Haven and the surrounding cities for centuries. They specialize in services such as cemetery lettering, creating monuments as well as building and carving Grave Makers and Foot-stones. With trained and certified craftsmen on site they can make your vision a reality and guarantee a quality product. They also provide quality customer service and are sensitive to client’s needs. In addition to stone, Shelley Brothers also uses marble, bronze and various colors of granite to create high quality products. Visit their website at for more information and to schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision.

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