Fill a Gift Basket with Bowling Accessories for the Bowling Fan in Your Life

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Communication

Do you have a family member or coworker who is the ultimate bowling fan? If you are out of ideas for a perfect gift, why not make your own gift by creating a custom-gift basket from home? Fill the basket with both quirky and useful bowling accessories for the bowling fan in your life.


Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a pen that can remind them of the things that they love? Make sure that you include several bowling pens in your bowling accessory gift basket. It is a practical gift that the gift receiver can use at work or on-the-go. It may be the only pen in their life that they WON’T let walk away with a stranger.

Bowling Accessories for Cars

Your gift receiver probably is not expecting decorations for their car in their gift basket. You can easily find bowling pin antenna toppers or license plate frames online. It is a fun and quirky way to let the game “follow” your family member or coworker wherever they go.

Key Chains

You can never have too many key chains, and a bowling aficionado will appreciate a well-made or practical bowling key chain to take care of their various keys. You can find bowling key chains with lights or hidden pens, or you can keep the key chain simple with a miniature ball and pin. Either way, the bowling gift basket won’t be complete without a key chain.

Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Are you making this basket for someone who really loves the game? Be sure to involve the ultimate bowling lover’s accessory: a tie lapel pin or cufflinks. While it may fall to the side of pure novelty, a true fan may surprise you by wearing it to work one day. You can easily find these quirky bowling accessories online.

Belt Buckles

Does your bowling fan wear a belt to their games? If they do, you’re in luck. You can find and order novelty belt buckles online. Your gift receiver may find that they can enjoy the novelty belt buckle as a lucky charm.

Lucky (Necklace) Charm

Speaking of lucky charms, your bowling fan may already have a lucky charm that they take to the games, but if you’re close to them, there’s nothing wrong with sending them off with a lucky charm of your own. In this case, you can hide a bowling necklace charm in the gift basket. Designs for bowling charms range from the simple to the elaborate, with some charms made of silver.

Larger Gifts for the Bowling Accessories Gift Basket

In addition to bowling accessories, your gift basket can also include desktop bowling games, towels, T-shirts, and gift cards for food at their favorite bowling alleys. You know your loved ones best, and there is no shortage of bowling-related gifts for you to incorporate into your gift.

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