Creating a Last Will and Testament: Why Help from a Family Law Attorney in Springboro, OH Matters

The idea of creating a last will and testament has been on your for some time. Rather than put off the project any longer, now is the time to come up with a draft. While there are all sorts of DIY kits on the market today, the best approach is to seek help from a family law attorney in Springboro, OH. Here are some of the ways that the attorney can help.

Things the Client Didn’t Consider

On the surface, preparing a will seems simple. All it needs to do is specify who will receive what when the individual passes away. In fact, the terms and conditions of the will may need to allow for alternatives in the event something changes between the time the will is drafted and the individual passes away.

For example, the will may specify that the balances in the bank accounts will be divided equally among the four children. That is easy enough unless one of the children dies before the parent. At that point, will those balances be divided among the three surviving children, or will the spouse of the deceased child receive the money? A family law attorney in Springboro, OH can point out these types of situations and discuss ways to ensure the will provides instructions that can be employed if certain situations do arise.

Tightening the Language

The thing to remember is that the laws related to last wills and testaments vary from one jurisdiction to the next. If the client has used a kit to develop a will, the text may or may not be in line with those laws. An attorney can review the document and determine if each section is in compliance. When and as necessary, the attorney can update the text so that the terms are less likely to be contested.

Now is the right time to prepare a last will and testament. Find more information about wills and other forms of estate planning by talking with an attorney today. Even if the plan is to live for several more decades, being prepared will ensure that the person named as the executor will find it easier to settle the estate and ensure the wishes of the individual are followed to the letter.

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