Creating A Mosaic-Themed Frame And Removing Scratches From Bathroom Mirrors In Sugar Land TX

If a wood-framed mirror has a few scratches on its surface, the following instructions will assist with eliminating them. Small tile pieces can be used to embellish the frame afterward and provide it with a mosaic-themed appearance.


* glass cleaning agent

* soft cloths

* jewelery polish

* buffing sponge

* wood cleaner

* ceramic tiles

* plastic bag that seals

* rubber-tipped mallet

* safety goggles

8 epoxy sealant

* paintbrush

* sand grout

* sponge

* water

* clear sealant

Cleaning A Mirror And Eliminating Scratches

A glass cleaning agent should be applied to a soft cloth before moving the cloth over the surface of Bathroom Mirrors in Sugar Land TX. A few drops of jewelry polish should be added to a buffing sponge. The sponge can be pressed against scratched surfaces and moved around in circles. Scratches will fade as pressure is applied to a glass surface. More polish may be needed if scratches are long or deep. After scratches have been treated, traces of polish can be eliminated with a small amount of glass cleaner and a dry, lint-free cloth.

Adding A Mosaic-Themed Border

Wood cleaner should be used to remove smudges from the wooden frames surrounding Bathroom Mirrors in Sugar Land TX. A few tiles can be placed inside of a plastic bag that seals. A rubber-tipped mallet can be used to break the tiles into small pieces. While striking the tiles, safety goggles should be worn to protect an individual’s eyes. A paintbrush can be used to apply an even layer of epoxy sealant to the back of each tile piece. Tile pieces should be pressed against the mirror’s wooden frame. Even amounts of space should be placed between tile pieces.

After epoxy sealant has dried, a clean paintbrush should be used to apply sand grout between tile pieces. If too much grout is applied to portions of the frame, a damp sponge can be used to eliminate it. After the frame dries, a coat of clear sealant can be brushed over tile pieces and grout to provide them with protection.

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