Repairing And Replacing Your Car Windshield

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Windshields and Glass

So, you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you hear a tap on your windshield. The next thing you know there’s a tiny crack in front of you. Apparently, a rock has hit and chipped a small portion of your vehicle’s windshield. At this point, most drivers get upset because they think this means they’ll have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a replacement. Luckily, this isn’t entirely true.

No, you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars to have an Auto Glass Specialists in Saint Paul MN replace your windshield. Unfortunately, if you don’t take steps to repair the problem, that tiny crack could spider and grow even larger. Before this happens, you should consider buying a DIY windshield repair kit. You could probably purchase a kit at an automotive shop for about $20. The kit includes a special gel that can be applied to the crack. The gel works to harden inside of the crack, effectively providing temporary support.

One of the biggest drawbacks with DIY repair kits is that they don’t repair cracks entirely. The gel seeps into the crack to relieve stress but the crack is still there. The gel is only meant to keep the windshield together until you’re able to visit one of the Auto Glass Specialists in Saint Paul MN. Truthfully, the gel may last for several weeks, months, or even years, but you should have the windshield replaced as soon as you can.

If you decide to replace the entire window, make sure you visit a responsible and experienced windshield replacement service. The cost to replace an entire windshield will depend on the kind of vehicle you have and the kind of windshield you want used. While house glass is very affordable, it’s also very delicate. If you had to choose, you should consider laminated glass. Laminated windshields are made up of multi-layered tempered glass and are much more durable.

Visit sitename for more information on auto glass repair advice. Again, if you act quickly, you can repair tiny blemishes and save your entire windshield. Although DIY kits are helpful, they’re only meant to provide temporary relief. You’ll eventually need to visit an auto glass specialist to have the entire window replaced.

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