Creating More Vapor: Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting And Upgrading

Over time, anyone that is new to vaping will find that the vapor from an electronic cigarette tends to decrease in volume as well as in flavor. There are several different reasons for this decrease, and by carefully checking which one is at fault you can restore vapor production to the original levels.

In some cases, especially once you are more advanced on your vaping journey, you may find the maximum vapor from an electronic cigarette isn’t providing the experience you want. In this situation upgrading to an advanced e-cig or a mechanical mod may be the next logical step to consider.

Battery Issues

As with any type of device, the vapor from an electronic cigarette will be impacted by the battery. With cartridge or basic types of e-cigs, there is typically a readout or, at least, a flashing light to let you know if the battery is running low.

However, even before the light starts blinking, performance and production of vapor can be impacted. Additionally, batteries will, over time, hold less and less of a charge, which is a clear sign they should be replaced.

Atomizers Problems and Types

The atomizer is the key component in the device that creates the vapor. Different types of vaporizers are designed to produce more vapor from an electronic cigarette, but they are not compatible with every e-cig model and brand.

Often when an atomizer isn’t cleaned and maintained, particularly when someone vapes frequently, the production of vapor decreases fairly rapidly with use. Choosing a high VG (vegetable glycerin) type of e-liquid or ones with specific flavoring and additives can cause increased residue, results in less than perfect vapor production.

Regularly clearing the atomizer, using the top quality of atomizers and ensuring all the airflow areas are unobstructed on the atomizer can assist with vapor problems. With the more advanced e-cigs and mech mods, it is possible to customize atomizers to allow for maximum vapor production.

Changing Coils

For the maximum vapor from an electronic cigarette consider moving up to an advanced type of e-cig. This will allow for a selection from rebuildable atomizers that can include different configurations and types of coils, increased space for wicking material and increased volume of e-juice. All these factors combined will provide more vapor with each vape while still providing top quality flavors and vaping experience.

If you have any questions about increasing the vapor from an electronic cigarette, talk to the pros at Mt. Baker Vapor. To learn more about batteries, atomizers and advanced e-cigs, visit us online at

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