Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia can Explain the Pros and Cons of Taking a Case to Trial

When a defendant decides whether to plead out or take a case to trial, they often have more to think about than their innocence. The risk of a guilty verdict is substantial, causing some to plead guilty to avoid the trouble. Criminal defense attorneys can discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each choice, but it is ultimately the defendant’s decision.

The Benefits of a Guilty Plea

If a defendant pleads guilty, they are dealing with the case head-on. Therefore, they will come to a resolution more quickly than if they’d gone through a criminal trial. Another benefit is that the fees charged by Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia are generally lower if the case does not make it to trial. For a defendant who believes they will receive a guilty verdict, the money is a real motivator.

Disadvantages of a Guilty Plea

Certain risks are associated with a guilty plea. For instance, an innocent defendant may face criminal punishments, such as jail time and fines for a crime they didn’t commit. Moreover, they will have a lifelong criminal record. In some areas, statutory minimum sentences mean that defendants are required to serve a certain time even if both sides would agree to an abbreviated sentence. Judges are responsible for handing down sentences; if they disagree with the recommendations of Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia and the prosecutor, they can reject it as they see fit.

Pros of Taking the Case to Trial

There are several advantages to taking a case to trial. For instance, it buys Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia time to prepare a defense and spend time with loved ones before being incarcerated. A trial and an acquittal are the single way an innocent person can truly have justice, and it is the only way for a defendant to escape responsibility or the specter of a criminal record.

Cons of Court Trials

A criminal defendant who decides on a trial places their fate in the hands of the jury and the judge. Juries can be hard to predict, and the defendant faces a maximum penalty. Criminal defendants can get a public defender who has numerous other cases, or they can hire Criminal Lawyers in Philadelphia who may charge substantially more for taking the case to trial.

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