Dental Implants in Suffolk County NY Offer Many Benefits to People with Missing Teeth

Missing teeth often result in more missing teeth. This is because when a tooth is extracted, the bone that held it in place is no longer needed. With less bone, the remaining teeth are not secure. There’s no way to stop the bone from eroding, but there is a way to protect the remaining teeth. The answer, for many people today, is implanted. Dental Implants in Suffolk County NY fit into the place where the missing teeth once were.

Bone Grafting

In order to place an implant, a patient needs to have sufficient bone to support it. Without that bone, an expensive implant will likely get loose and eventually fall out. However, implants may be an option even if the missing tooth was extracted years ago. This is done with the help of bone grafting. Although it may take longer to put in the implant if bone grafting needs to be done, patients can expect their implant to last as long as they want it. Depending on when the tooth was removed, a patient may need to wait up to six months for the new bone to develop and the implant to be placed.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Suffolk County NY

A full set of teeth gives people the opportunity to eat all the foods they love. With an implant, a person won’t have to eat only soft foods or avoid chewing on one side of their mouth. When they smile, they’ll feel confident rather than embarrassed. The opposite of all these may be true for people missing one or more teeth. Additionally, when one tooth is missing, the ones on either side of it are likely to loosen as well.

Although a dentist may refer a patient for an implant evaluation, it’s important for anyone considering using this method to replace one or more missing teeth to visit and work with an experienced oral surgeon. An oral surgeon may assess the patient’s remaining teeth, gums and bone to determine if they are a good candidate for an implant. The sooner a patient gets an implant following extraction, the sooner they’re likely to have their implant and crown in place.

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