Why You Should Give Biosolids Dewatering A Chance

Do you have a septic tank? Would it take a load off of your mind if you never again had to concern yourself with how far it had to go before it reached capacity? Are you tired of having to make time in your schedule for a septic pumping company to come out with a big truck and haul away your liquid waste? If so, then you need to know about biosolids dewatering.

What Is Biosolids Dewatering?

Biosolids dewatering is a special method used to break down liquid waste in a way that significantly reduces the amount of total waste, as well as making it easier to thoroughly dispose of in a way that is healthy for the environment. In this system, liquid waste is placed in a tank. There, it is filtered so completely that the remaining liquid is sewerable water, while the remaining waste is a small amount of dry solids.

Doing Your Own Biosolids Dewatering Is Easy!

Having a biosolids dewatering box will give you several advantages. The first thing you should know is that setting up the system will be quite easy. You will receive assistance and instruction from professionals so that you will understand the ins and outs of operating and maintaining the system. However, you should be made aware right now that this liquid waste separation system is going to be a breeze to maintain. There is no need for an operating crew. The system runs largely on its own and requires very little maintenance. You can get a stationary system that remains in one certain place, or you can get a portable one. A portable dewatering box would offer more convenience to many larger facilities. You can even bring in some extra income by renting it out to others!

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