Detecting Termite Damage in a Dock, and Finding the Answer in Land Boat Storage in Spokane WA

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Business

Termites are painfully destructive. They can eat through the wood at an absurdly fast rate, and they swarm and attack in large colonies. Boat Storage in Spokane WA will typically protect for termites, but many of the customers who store their boats in special facilities often learned so the hard way.

Firstly, where is a boat safe? A boat is almost always safe if it is in the water. Wood docks will make the boat a bit more vulnerable, but boats in the water are typically safe. Of course, boats have other threats from the water that owners should keep in mind. Boats are also a lot safer when elevated off the ground in a storage location. These facilitates will rarely protect the boat with four walls and a ceiling, but it will elevate them off the ground. Most facilities offer more affordable exterior storage, but the boats are still kept outside and subject to weather. There is also a frustrating monthly cost associated with storage that gives nothing to show for it (compared to an on-location storage unit that can build property equity).

When is it vulnerable? Now simply because the boat is in the water, it does not mean it is completely safe. It is possible (though admittedly unlikely) for the boat to get termites through the dock. Docks are extremely vulnerable. Watch for rivets and piles of sawdust that may appear upon the wooden dock. The dock may even lean. Termite damage will often begin along the sides or in the roof. It will not be affected below the water until enough damage occurs above the surface.

Even if the boat is never reached, the dock could be destroyed. If a dock gets battered from a termite infestation, it may be much wiser to allocate the boat in storage for the time being. It may take months to clear the area of termites, so always get an infestation expert out before replacing the dock.

Town & Country Builders Inc. can build a phenomenal Boat Storage in Spokane WA unit that keeps the boat close, and protects it with four walls and a ceiling. This is something even an external storage unit can rarely provide due to space limitations.

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