Difference between a Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor in Hendersonville

One of the most important parts of a home or business is the roof. This is an essential and integral part in offering comfort and protecting you from the elements. Once the roof is damaged, it is important to find the right roofing contractor in Hendersonville. It is however not about hiring the first roofer that comes along. You need to take your specific roofing type, whether residential or commercial, into consideration before hiring a contractor. It is therefore important that you hire an expert that understands the difference between residential and commercial roofing.

One of the major differences between residential and commercial roofing is the design. Residential roofs are more focused on aesthetics, and generally slope in a specific way to channel water away from the building while at the same time achieving a certain aesthetic appeal. Commercial roofs on the other hand are generally more practical and depending on the type of business will have provisions for smokestacks, vents or plumbing stacks. There would also be additional provisions for utilities such as air conditioning units through roof access panels. It is therefore necessary to hire the right contractor who understands all the design aspects of either residential or commercial roofing.

There is also a difference in size where residential and commercial roofs are concerned. Commercial roofs tend to be much larger, and are more susceptible to heavy snow and rains. These roofs are also more labor intensive and generally more costly to repair. Residential roofs on the other hand may require one or two contractors to perform maintenance or repairs, although may be more vulnerable to valleys and peaks that will need particular attention. In this case therefore, it is paramount that you hire the right contractor.

Residential and commercial roofs also defer in the materials that are used. Residential roofs for example use materials that complement the general design of the home such as wood shakes, slate or asphalt which is a more popular choice. Although commercial roofs may use the same materials, the roofing will be installed in a different way such as by layering the roof and covering with gravel for additional protection. These are areas that the right roofing expert will understand. Fortunately, you can get a roofing contractor in Hendersonville from a company that deals with both residential and commercial roofing to make your work much easier.

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