Help Protect the Environment by Using Recycling in Hartford CT

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Recycling

The need to recycle has become a vital practice to help save our environment. Per statistics, every single person produces over five pounds of trash each day. Twenty-five years ago, only one pound of this trash was getting recycled. The rest of the trash has overfilled landfills which have caused an array of problems, including a threat of contaminating drinking water. This has caused a worldwide recycling campaign that is ongoing and stronger than ever.

You can help with this cause by using Recycling in Hartford CT. Per legislation, items that need to be recycled include white office paper, newspaper, food and beverage containers that are made from metal and glass, used motor oil, vehicle batteries, corrugated cardboard, scrap metal, and plastics. There are recycling centers that you could use in order to dispose of these items properly. There are also trash companies that you can enlist special buckets to use to organize and separate all of your recyclables.

These companies usually charge no extra fee for the buckets or to dispose of recyclables. Many people will collect their aluminum, as well as other materials, to make money. Recycling centers will give you a certain monetary amount for each pound that you bring to them. This gives the public an extra incentive to follow recycling guidelines.

Recycling helps the environment in many ways. It helps to reduce the landfills, reduces energy consumption, and decreases pollution. It helps in cost savings by using goods that have been recycled. Grass and leaves can be recycled into compost for your yard and landscaping. Recycling in Hartford CT can help in our social lives as well. It has caused communities to come together for a purpose. People have made lifelong friends being involved in events that promote recycling.

Animals, wildlife and trees benefit. Recycling paper means fewer trees are used which allows wildlife to keep their homes. When we keep control of landfills, the waste is not lost in areas where animals can get hurt by plastics or other waste materials. Taking a little effort to reduce and reuse benefits more than you can even imagine. Saving the environment, in all that it involves, is vital to the future of generations to come. For more info, contact Calamari Recycling Co.


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