Discounted Printer Ink Cartridges Work Great

A typical ink jet printer stores the ink supply in cartridges, cheap printer ink cartridges are simple to remove and install when the ink supply is depleted and they are considerably less expensive than toner cartridges which is another printer option.

Ink jet printer cartridges are available in various designs, one of which is a single cartridge that can create colors. This particular design utilizes a series of compartments within the cartridge body, each filled with a different color ink that, when used in combination, allows printing in any color. The basic ink colors are black, red, yellow, cyan and magenta. Using an electronic interface which is an integral part of the cartridge, the printer and ink cartridge communicate, determining which colors are needed by the printing job in question.

There is a potential problem with the single cartridge approach, when one of the colors runs out it is not possible to create the color spectrum. A viable alternative is to use multiple cartridges. There are numerous printer manufacturers who opt for this approach; each color is housed in its own cartridge. The printer design is such that there is a coded slot for each cartridge, ensuring that the correct cartridge is installed in the right position. This approach is ideal for those who print far more documents that only require black ink.

Every ink jet printer manufacturer uses printer cartridges which have a unique design, no cartridge is universal. This is done of course to drive the printer owner to replacing empty cartridges with the printer manufacturers own product. Of course there are users who only install OEM cartridges but there are an increasing number of people who opt for cheap printer ink cartridges with no degradation of print quality. If the physical dimensions of the cartridge mimic that of the printer manufacturer these cartridges are an excellent alternative.

There are many cheap printer ink cartridges that work as well as the OEM product, the quality is excellent and a similar number of pages can be produced. In many cases a discounted ink cartridge may sell for as little as half the price of the original cartridge. The shelf life of these cartridges is every bit as long as the original so there is no concern about purchasing in bulk for future use.

Individual color cartridges can be refilled as well; this makes it possible to reuse an original cartridge, cutting the cost of replacements.

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