Discussing Comparative Negligence With Injury Lawyers In Tucson

Arizona personal injury laws impose a statute of limitation for filing a lawsuit. The time limit starts the day of the accident. However, if the claim is against the state, county, or city, the victim has only one year to file a lawsuit. Any failure to file a claim within the allotted amount of time results in a forfeiture of the victim’s rights.

Comparative Negligence Ruling
Under personal injury laws for the state, it is possible for the accused to file a counter-claim that implies that the victim is partially at fault for their own injuries. When this is the case, they are required to present evidence that substantiates this claim. If the accident was an automobile accident, the victim is partially at fault if they committed a moving violation such as speeding or reckless driving. If you were a victim in an accident, you should contact Tucson Injury Lawyers today.

Comparative negligence applies to work-related injuries if the employee failed to comply with safety standards in the workplace. For example, if the employee is required to wear safety glasses or a specific type of footwear, he or she shares the blame for their injuries for a failure to comply with these requirements. Surveillance footage from within the workplace shows how the victim was also at fault. If you were a victim of an injury in the workplace and need legal assistance, you should contact Injury Lawyers in Tucson promptly.

Animal attacks fall under the one bite ruling. The victim cannot file a claim against the pet owner if the animal bit them only once. However, if the pet owner can prove that the victim abused the animal or cause them to react in a violent way to protect themselves, the victim shares the fault. Alternately, if the attack caused permanent injuries or a fatality it is likely that the pet owner will be ordered to pay a settlement; it is also likely that the judge may order euthanization of the animal.

Victims who need a full analysis of their case should seek legal counsel before taking action. There is a probability that an insurance claim could produce enough funding to cover the victim’s medical and auto repair costs. However, if the individual who is at fault is not insured, the victim should contact the Clausen and Moore Law Firm to discuss their options.
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