Divorce Rates Related to the Attractiveness of Individuals

While this may not sound like the most likely topic for research into divorce statistics; however, a new study has suggested that married individuals who are more attractive physically have a higher likelihood of getting a divorce than others. What does this mean for existing couples? If one of the individuals is more attractive, they may have a higher chance of getting a divorce or having a shorter marriage. Whenever divorce is on the table, it is a good idea to consult a Skokie divorce lawyer for men to ensure you know what your rights are.

Physical Attractiveness and Specific Life Outcomes

According to some of the newest research available today, physical attractiveness is considered a potent predictor of an outcome for certain situations. For example, individuals who have certain traits of attractiveness may receive more promotions than others or have additional social opportunities. However, it can also have certain liabilities. For example, women who are considered attractive and are less trusting of males, may suffer from lower self-esteem. Additionally, the study has shown that attractiveness can also result in relationships that are less stable and even higher rates of divorce.

The Threat of Physical Attractiveness for Marriages

While the research is still fairly new supporting these claims, when you hire a Skokie divorce lawyer for men, they may understand that if one partner is attractive, this played a huge role in the cause of the divorce. This is because, according to the study, those who are more physically attractive are usually targeted by others.

Having to file for divorce isn’t something that most people want to deal with; however, it happens every day. A Skokie divorce lawyer for men can help an individual understand what their rights are and how they should handle the divorce process.

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