Does a Water Descaling System Work?

Using a water descaling system in homes and offices has been gaining popularity in recent years. With more people seeking an alternative to traditional water softeners, purchasing a water descaling system is rapidly becoming the number one choice. Many urban and rural areas must deal with the problem of hard water, making it essential for products to be available which counter the hardness. Before you choose to run out and buy one though, you should become familiar with how it operates.

What Are Descaling Systems?

A water softener which uses salt-free water is actually a water descaling system. Since these systems remove the hard scale from the water, it will seem to have been softened even though it wasn’t. The scale that is found within the systems and the water are mineral components that get left behind on surfaces they touch, such as toilets, tubs, and faucets. A water descaling system holds onto the scale in the water by creating an electrical charge. This makes it more difficult for the minerals to stick where they are not wanted.

The Benefits Over Water Softeners

Even though this type of system has numerous benefits similar to true water softeners, the water has not theoretically been softened. They are much cheaper to purchase than water softening systems, and they require far less upkeep. For example, there is no need to constantly add salt or chemicals to a system for descaling the way it must be added to water softeners.

Unlike water softeners which drastically increase sewer and water bills, a water descaling system does not require any extra water to run. They are also non-intrusive to the water itself. A 20 to 25 year system lifespan is the average, making them affordable over the long term. Since they require zero maintenance, money is saved there as well. The other main benefits include water that tastes better, water that feels silkier, ease in washing away soap suds, and complete safety for people on restricted salt diets.

Other Considerations

Certain areas of the world have water that is naturally soft. In these lucky spots a system may not be required at all. With naturally soft water there is normally very little scale to be found. If you find that problems are occurring with water in these areas, the needed solution may not be a descaler.

Making the decision on which water descaling system is the best fit for your home should be made after doing some research. The needs and requirements of every homeowner are different, so what works perfectly at a friend’s home may not be the best choice for you. Choose a system that will easily take care of the lime scale found in your water. While price is a deciding factor for many, remember that larger spaces will need larger and more expensive systems.

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