When is the Right Time for Hospice?

Hospice began when a loved one is on a decline that it is not possible to come back from. Hospice is for family’s who do not want their loved ones to pass in a nursing home or hospital surrounded by strangers and things that are not their own. It can be hard at times to decide exactly When is the Right Time for Hospice?

Below you will find some tips to help you decide When is the Right Time for Hospice?

There are physical signs that you need to watch for when it comes to choosing when to bring hospice in. Those signs are listed below for your perusal.

  • If your loved one’s health is continuing to decline.
  • If the doctors say that there is little else they can do, but preserve the quality of life for you loved one.
  • The symptoms are affecting your and your loved ones quality of life.
  • You find that you are depressed and anxious all of the time.
  • The grind of everyday tasks and caring for your loved one is starting to get to you in ways that you thought it never could.
  • If you need more and more support to get things done between your two lives.

Many people feel that receiving hospice care is a form of giving up on their loved one and saying that there is no hope for recovery. It is in reality, helping your loved one and yourself cope with the fact that nothing else can be done.

When hospice is called in, it is because the patient has less than six months left on this earth. While too many people it is like giving up, too many others it is a way to prepare themselves for what is to come. It is better for a loved one to pass with their loved ones around them and surrounded by the things they knew in life.

These are just a few ways for you to know when it is time to bring in hospice care. You should consider carefully and talk to your doctor before you make a final decision.

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