Does Your Home Need Pest Control in Spokane?

Small pests can bring trouble to even the most well taken care of home and yard. If this happens, professional pest control in Spokane will be needed to get rid of the problem. Here are some of the pests that commonly bother homeowners.


Most spiders are fairly harmless. They can even be beneficial, since they eat a lot of insects and provide a certain amount of free pest control. Even harmless spiders can still become pests, however, if they are coming into the home or causing trouble in a yard. No one wants to keep running into spiderwebs while gardening. It is also important to make sure that any spiders which are seen are the harmless kind. Some spiders, such as the black widow and the hobo spider, are venomous. Any time a venomous spider is found around a house, a thorough pest control treatment will be needed. This will protect all who live in the home.

Wasps and Ants

Both wasps and ants are partly troublesome due to generally coming in large numbers. Most belong to colonies that build hives or nests. Wasps especially can be a serious problem since they are able to sting. Parents and those who have pets will want to get stinging insects such as wasps removed so that the house and yard will continue to be a safe environment. One of the most frequent problems with ants is that they sometimes come into a house searching for food or water. Having the home treated can get rid of them.

Other Pests

A variety of additional pests can also be bothersome to homeowners. Roaches, for example, are unsanitary, yet they like to get into homes. Fleas also sometimes move into a yard, where they may make trouble for any pets who live at the home. Due to all the diseases that they carry, mosquitoes are another common pest that people are likely to want to protect their property from. Mosquitoes can also be very annoying due to their swarms and bites, so eliminating them will help the yard to be peaceful once more for outdoor activities.

When any pests like these are making trouble, get professional pest control in Spokane. Visit us here for more information about how to deal with pests.

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