How to Recognize When to Call Bed Bug Exterminators in Nassau County

Just mentioning bed bugs makes people shiver. These tiny pests multiply quickly inside a comfortable environment, such as your house. They can easily catch a ride from one location to the next, including on luggage or clothing. Once you have an infestation in your home, you need to call Professional Bed Bug Exterminators in Nassau County to get rid of them. However, bed bugs often go undetected for many months. There are several warning signs of a bed bug infestation that every homeowner should recognize.

Blood Spots on the Sheets

While you are sleeping, bed bugs go on a feeding frenzy. Their meal of choice is human blood, although they will also feast on other mammals, such as cats and dogs. Bed bugs go back into hiding before you wake up, making it almost impossible to find them. However, they sometimes leave behind spots of blood on the sheets. If you notice tiny droplets of blood on the mattress, there is a good chance bed bugs are responsible.

Skin Casings and Eggs

While it is rare for someone to actually find a live bed bug, they do leave behind other evidence. Bed bugs shed their skin several times in their lives. If you find sheer white skin casings near your bed or on the carpet, they may belong to bed bugs. It is also common to find a few white eggs along the wood frame of a bed or in the crease of a mattress. If you see eggs in either of these locations, it’s time to bring in bed bug exterminators in Nassau County to find the source.

Itchy Bites

No one should wake up in the morning covered in red, itchy bites. While it is possible for fleas or mosquitoes to feed on you during the evening, there is also a high probability these bites came from bed bugs. If not treated quickly, the problem will only get worse. The bed bugs will continue to multiply, and you will find yourself waking up with more bites on a daily basis.

If you have experienced any of these bed bug warning signs, be sure to call in an exterminator for a proper investigation. If bed bugs are found, your house will be treated with special chemicals. Check Out to learn about other insects that could also cause damage to you or your home.

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