Drain Jetting Might Fix Your Clog

In the home, a variety of products exist for DIY drain cleaning, but large industry pipes are quite different. Not only do these pipes handle more volume, they likely handle chemicals not usually found in the home. When these pipes get clogged, high-pressure water jetting is the most common solution. Here are some of the clogs that can be cleared by drain jetting in Grand Rapids.

Hardened Scale

Like cholesterol in the blood, hardened scale sticks to the inner lining of pipes and builds up over time to slowly clog the drain. This happens naturally in any pipe carrying hard water with a high mineral content. How do these minerals get into the water? As the “universal solvent,” water can dissolve many natural elements on earth, including rocks. Drain jetting in Grand Rapids is a good option for removing this hard buildup.

Invasive Roots

Tree roots are very powerful and can break through dirt, rock and your pipes. Allowing roots to remain in your pipes can lead to various problems, so removing them needs to be a priority. Drain jetting sends a high-pressure blast through your pipes and can remove roots. To prevent this from becoming a problem again, you may want to consider uprooting and moving the tree.

Toxic Sludge

Toxic sludge is a catch-all term for any waste that ends up in your clogs that is difficult or impossible to identify. This can happen in pipes or natural water supplies, such as the two-square-mile blob found in Lake Erie in 2016. It can be buildup from bio-matter, waste chemicals or outdated disposal methods. Drain jetting in Grand Rapids for toxic sludge is very important if the liquid in question needs to have certain health or chemical properties.

When your home or industrial drains start backing up, consider drain jetting in Grand Rapids. This quick solution can blast away most pipe clogs and doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

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