Eliminate the Worry About Leaks With a Reliable Plumbing Installation in Fort Collins CO

There are various aspects to the plumbing inside a home. For instance, there are the pipes that deliver fresh water and those that remove sewage. However, a Plumbing Installation Fort Collins CO is much more than that. In fact, household plumbing also involves fixtures such as toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks. It can also include faucets that control the flow of water including those that connect to appliances like a washing machine. Plus, plumbing can be installed for more than the supply of water because some residences use natural gas for cooking, heating and generating hot water. Plumbing a gas supply requires specific pipes and fittings to contain the fuel, which is important for avoiding a dangerous leak.

There is more to plumbing a home than simply placing the pipes that carry the water. A proper Plumbing Installation in Fort Collins CO needs valves to control water flow at every fixture that is installed. Placing a valve in the pipe that connects to a faucet provides a way to shut down the water whenever a repair is required, or a leak exists. Valves in the line that connect the toilet can come in handy when the fixture breaks, especially if the water is running continuously. Another consideration when plumbing toilets and sinks is the use of flexible hoses for the final connection. This reduces the need for excessive angle connections and provides the ability to connect or disconnect the piping.

A Plumbing Installation Fort Collins CO uses a variety of material for the pipes, but two of the most common are copper and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Copper is often the material of choice because it can be quickly installed. This is because copper piping can be soldered and doesn’t require time to cure. PVC, on the other hand, uses a chemical adhesive to seal any fittings in place and this means that some drying time is necessary. Of course, PVC tends to be more cost effective than copper which is an excellent trade-off since the working life is very similar. One concern with plumbing in the Fort Collins area is freezing. Frozen water can quickly result in cracked pipes and expensive repairs. Learn more about plumbing installation or repair from the professionals at Paul’s Plumbing & Heating.

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