Frequently Asked Questions About Coverage And A Multi-Family Home Insurance Quote In Waukesha, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, apartment complexes, condominium communities, and trailer parks are classified as multi-family properties. These properties require a multitude of policies to protect the owner’s investment. The following are frequently asked questions about coverage and a Multi-Family Home Insurance Quote in Waukesha Wisconsin.

Is Rental Property Classified as a Business?

Yes, all rental property is classified as a business. These properties require some business coverage to protect the owner from common liabilities. They also require property insurance based on the property type. The owner cannot use their homeowner’s insurance to cover these properties.

Does This Coverage Protect the Tenant’s Belongings?

No, the coverage doesn’t protect any property owned by the tenants. They are responsible for maintaining renter’s insurance to cover the cost of replacing their belongings. The rental property owner is responsible for their own property only. The only exception is if the property owner deliberately damaged the tenant’s property.

Does the Policy Pay for All Structural Damage?

Yes, it pays for all structural damage that occurred as a result of covered events. These events include natural disasters, severe storms, fires, vandalism, and circumstantial arson. The owner can file a claim after these events to get their property repaired. If it is destroyed completely, they have access to funds to replace the property based on the terms of the policy. This typical includes either the true replacement value or the market value assigned.

What Areas are Covered Under the Policy?

All areas of the property are covered. This includes each unit, parking lots, clubhouses, laundry areas, and swimming pools. The insurance agent can provide the owner with any potential restrictions that apply to connecting structures. This could include garages or storage units situated on the property.

In Wisconsin, multiple family properties need appropriate insurance coverage. The owner must review their options to identify the best opportunities to secure their investment. This includes structural and liability coverage. These policies define what events are covered and how the owner may access funds to remedy the damage.

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