Eliminating Odor When Waiting For Trash Removal in Watertown

When a restaurant owner awaits a service to come to their establishment to do trash removal in Watertown, they will want to ensure the garbage being collected is not emitting an offensive odor. This could upset neighboring home or business owners as well as increase the risk of a pest problem. Here are some steps the restaurant owner can take to ensure odor is kept to a minimum.

Keep Cans Clean And Deodorized

It is a good idea to rinse out garbage cans after each pickup session. This will remove any remnants left behind should a bag happen to have ripped while inside the cans. After the cans are rinsed and they had time to dry, a deodorizing powder can be sprinkled inside each enclosure to help battle odor effectively. Commercial-grade deodorizing sprays can be purchased from a janitorial supply company or a home goods store. In a pinch, baking soda can also be used to keep odor levels low.

Consider Composting Biodegradable Materials

Instead of placing food remnants inside trash bags to be picked up by a garbage company, consider starting a compost pile on your property instead. This will turn into a rich soil to be used for gardening purposes. Since these materials are not bagged and contained, they are less likely to emit an offensive odor.

Place Cans In The Right Area

When placing garbage cans at curbside for pickup, it is a good idea to position them in an area where direct sunlight will not be hitting them for a long period of time. This would exacerbate the smell of the trash rather quickly. Consider putting the cans underneath a tree or in the shade of a nearby structure inside.

When a garbage service comes to a home or establishment promptly at a designated time, there is less time for those in the area to become offended by odor. Call a service that does Trash Removal in Watertown within a specific time frame to pinpoint when to place cans out for collection. Find out more about Feher Rubbish Removal Inc via their website or a call to their business for details.

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