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There are plenty of ways to get out there and meet singles like you. You could turn up at birthday parties of your friends, go to happy hour, volunteer your time or take a class, says Bustle. However, not everyone has the time or patience to do all these things.

If you’re serious about dating, you might want to start paying for the services of a matchmaker instead. Here’s why:

You Save on Time

One of the best things about hiring a matchmaking service is that you get to save on a lot of time. You won’t have to hang around bars, go to parties you don’t want to or waste time doing small talk, deciding whether the other person is on the same page as you or not. With matchmakers, you get a list of matches and you can start going on dates.

You Find Compatible Matches

Another excellent thing about engaging the services of a matchmaker? The matches are already filtered. That means your matchmaker has personally picked these from their files based on whether you’re both a good match for each other. Common interests, background or beliefs are often vital in a relationship. With plenty of mutual ground, you and your match have a lot of things going for you that could easily turn that first date into a lasting relationship.

You Get Tips

Dating is hard. If you’ve zero skills in the area, a matchmaker won’t just find you dates. Yours can also give you some much-needed feedback and tips. A good matchmaker can assess your weak and strong points and give you pointers on how to improve. That way, you’ll be more confident when you start on your dates. Being more comfortable in your own skin doesn’t just make you more attractive, it helps you feel better about your self as well.

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