The Advantages of River Rock in Austin, TX for Landscaping Compared With Mulch

Decorative river rock in Austin, TX helps homeowners with landscaping by providing functional attributes as well as beauty. Also called drain rock, the material has gradually been worn smooth by flowing water. It’s available in many colors and sizes. Customers of a company providing landscaping materials to place around plant features and to create rock gardens are sure to find something appealing.


By having a load of river rock in Austin, TX transported to the property; the owners can enjoy the experience of immediate landscaping. They can choose rocks of similar size or blends of different measurements. Although the rocks are smooth, they are not necessarily all round or oval. Having some angular stones in the mix helps keep the material from shifting around too much or winding up on the grass. That’s especially important when river rock is used on paths where people walk or on driveways.

Erosion and Weed Prevention

Is this type of rock better than gravel or mulch for placing around bushes, trees, and gardens? Both are helpful for preventing erosion during heavy rain. The main consideration is that mulch provides a certain level of nutrients whereas stones do not. Rock from a supplier such as Loftin Material is generally better at preventing weed growth because it is not an organic substance. The most tenacious weeds may still be able to grow in these areas and require a bit of hand-weeding occasionally.

Fire Barrier

Rock also cannot catch fire if a wildfire spreads through the area, which provides a level of extra protection. This is particularly helpful when the stones are used for long driveways and footpaths, as the material creates a barrier. Central Texas has been dealing with wildfires in 2017, and the Austin Fire Department referred to the situation as a wake-up call. Experts recommend that homeowners in dry regions use stone or other hard materials for landscaping within 5 ft. of the house.


Many people simply love the look of river rock, with its smooth surface and natural variations of color. It can significantly enhance the appearance of the property and make the yard look more manicured.

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