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by | Sep 25, 2014 | Electrical

Electric contractors are typically thought of as just installing wiring for homes and offices. The truth is most companies perform a much wider range of electricity-related services. Customers should educate themselves on the basics of what services particular electric companies have to offer. If customers can narrow down the basic type of electrical work they need, it will help save time and ensure that they pick the right company for the job.

An Electrical Company Washington DC will usually specialize in either residential or commercial electric service. Residential service is self-explanatory, meaning these companies specialize in electrical service inside of the home. Commercial services include inspections, repairs, lighting electric panel replacements, electrical project design, generators, trenching services, outdoor security lighting, traffic lights, and of course, emergency repairs. They can also design and install “green” solutions such as energy-efficient power and solar energy systems. Some companies can now install car charging stations for the growing legions of electric cars.

Electrical work is so technical and specialized that the customer is entirely dependent on the professional to determine the necessary work and advise how best to proceed. The contractor should be willing to explain the details of the job, not just speak in jargon. Customers should insist on a written estimate for any job, and make sure that estimates states that all work will meet code and applicable standards. The customers should also request a copy of the contractor’s current insurance certificate. Besides the quality of the work itself, safety is essential when working with electricity. Professional electric companies always take the utmost care working with electricity, and they are required to carry insurance. They also must comply with OSHA and other safety regulations.

As with any professional service, it is best to get recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Online sites that review local contractors can also help customers find the right Electrical Company Washington DC and other areas. Good companies like Hawkins Electric Service Inc. are usually members of professional industry organizations such as Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) and the local Better Business Bureau. Those organizations have local chapters that can also help recommend reputable electrical services.



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