Energy Healing Techniques Open Endless Possibilities

Energy Healing Techniques can open up the mind, body and soul to new ideas, improved health and positive energy. LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine offers a wide variety of courses and programs in Energy Healing. Whether you are a beginner just dabbling in the art, or a practitioner who’s looking for advanced courses, LightSong has a program or workshop for you.

Learning Energy Healing Techniques at LightSong School opens up a world of possibilities. Use Energy Healing Techniques in your personal life or incorporate them into your work environment. Start with core courses and move onto the advanced course schedule. There are even additional courses that focus on assisting and mentoring. Their programs are accredited/credentialed. Internships are offered and programs can lead to Licensed Master Practitioner or even a Doctorate of Shamanism. Beginning coursework introduces the student to Shamanic principals and practices, while advanced coursework builds on previous learned skills and school of thought.

The courses cover a wide variety of topics to prepare the student to infuse Shamanism into their own life and work. Each course builds on a previous course, allowing the student to expand their skills and grow both internally and externally.

LightSong School offers free events, such as drumming circles, meditations, Reiki and lectures. There are student support groups to help you study and connect with others of a like mind. They also offer a wide array of books and CDs that focus not only on energy healing and Shamanism but other spiritual pursuits.  Sign up for LightSong’s newsletter to stay abreast of events and new offerings.

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