Environmental Benefits of Recycling in New Bedford MA

Recycling involves getting used or old materials and using them for production of new materials. Recycling is essential today, since the resources are scarce thus creating the need to preserve the existing resources for the future generations. Recycling in New Bedford MA is also important to the environment as it helps prevent climate change which is caused by the concentration of gases that non-biodegradable products emit. In addition, it decreases usage of resource such as water and trees.

Recycling in New Bedford MA is easier than creating new products. Here are household items that you can recycle:

Plastic products

Milk jugs are widely used by most people and are easy to recycle. They contain HDPE a plastic type that have a numeral code 2. Other types of plastic items that you can recycle include plastic bags, laundry detergent bottles, bottle caps, water pipes, hula hoops and refillable bottles.

Plastic grocery bags can be reused as overnight bags, wastebasket liners, or packing material during shipping. These bags contains type 4 (LDPE) or 2 (HDPE) plastic that is easy to recycle into a plastic lumber.

Containers with numeral 1 label are from plastic type known as PETE, which you can recycle to manufacture polar fleece material for clothing and blankets.

Computer products

Computer toner cartridges and ink are recycled by refilling them with fresh ink and selling them out at a lower cost. There are retailers who offer a collection program of toner and ink. There are also companies that will allow you mail these products to them.

Paper products

Printer papers, newspaper, colouring books, and phone books undergo Recycling in New Bedford MA. Papers form one of the most important recyclables as they constitute the largest percentage of waste in many countries.

You can also recycle cardboard boxes and cereal boxes into new papers or reuse them at home for moving purposes and storage.

Aluminium products

All beer, soda and most beverage cans contain aluminium that is recycled by cleaning, melting, and casting into new shape or new aluminium rods or sheets. You can also recycle most food cans, aluminium pie plates, and aluminium foils.

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