Essential Factors In Greenhouse Humidification Systems

Building a greenhouse or installing humidification systems in an existing greenhouse is an important part of the design process. Not having the ability to control the humidity and temperature in the building can cause serious ramifications, including total loss of the crop or plants as well as poor growth and low productivity.

With today’s technology, there is really no excuse to not have fully automated environmental control systems in a greenhouse. This allows for the system to automatically respond to changes in humidity and temperature to maintain the conditions within the optimal growth parameters.

If you are considering a new system for your greenhouse, makes sure to compare the following three key factors in making a selection.

Installation and Maintenance

Some humidification systems require very complex installation that can be costly and time-consuming, particularly in already constructed greenhouses. Other systems are more flexible and can be configured to provide both humidity and temperature control at a low cost and with limited need for complicated installation processes.

Control Options

With the technology available in humidification systems, look for the system that offers the controllers that fit your needs. Programmable controllers can be pre-set for weeks or longer to control specific humidity and temperature parameter that change as the plant grows.

It is even possible to have controllers that adjust the settings for daylight and night hours, helping to reduce energy costs and boost overall efficiency.


In any type of greenhouse application, it will be critical to have a system that is tried and proven to be dependable. This is not the component or the system in a greenhouse where saving a few dollars is a good option. Instead, look for a manufacturer with a top reputation for reliability and dependable systems that provide the level of temperature and humidity control you need.

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