Essential Information about Workers’ Compensation Law in Ogden, UT

Nobody can predict what will happen while they are working. Most workers suffer accidents due to the ignorance or irresponsibility of their employers or company owners. Under the workers’ compensation law, employees injured on the job should be compensated by their employer’s insurance companies. However, many employers and their insurance carriers frequently tend to minimize or deny benefits paid out to their injured workers. They often claim that the injuries are less severe than what the injured employee claims or that the injuries occurred outside the realm of employment. To increase the odds of receiving the rightful compensation, it is important to hire the services of a proficient workplace injury lawyer.

Almost all employees in Utah are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Even though there are a few exceptions, it is compulsory for all Utah employers to provide their employees with workers compensation insurance. Depending on the extent of the damages, workers’ compensation can pay one or more of the following benefits:

  *       Medical care

  *       Temporary total disability compensation

  *       Temporary partial disability compensation

  *       Permanent partial and total disability compensations

  *       Benefits in case of death

To be eligible for workers’ compensation in Utah, the injured employee must report their injury or work-related illness to his or her employer within 180 days. Failure to report the injury or illness within the stipulated period can result in disqualification from receiving the benefits. The employer has seven days to report the claim to the insurance company, and the insurance company has seven days to issue the First Report of Injury to the Industrial Accidents Division.

The employer or the insurance company must give a copy of the report to the injured employee. If the employer and its insurance carrier are not willing to pay for all losses caused by the accident, it is advisable to contact a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer. The lawyer will guide the injured worker professionally throughout the claim process, and ensure they receive a full compensation.

Workers’ compensation law in Ogden, UT, can be complex, especially if the injured employee does not have an adequate knowledge of the law. By hiring the services of a competent injury lawyer, the claimant can be sure that all his rights will be well protected. For more information about workers’ compensation law in Utah and how to hire a lawyer, visit .

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