Essential Information to Know Before Hiring Chimney Crown Repair Contractors in Annapolis MD

The chimney crown is an integral part of the chimney structure. It is the area around the top of the chimney, which acts as an umbrella for the entire chimney system. The primary function of a chimney crown is to protect the chimney structure against extreme climatic conditions. When left unprotected, a chimney crown will eventually crack and deteriorate. A damaged or cracked chimney crown will allow moisture and water to seep into the vulnerable material of the chimney system and start deteriorating from the inside out. To ensure that a damaged chimney crown is fixed appropriately, it is essential to hire the services of certified chimney crown repair contractors in Annapolis MD. Here are important details to know about chimney repair.

Repairing a Damaged Chimney Crown Using a Sealant

Repair or sealing is one of the best ways to fix a failing chimney crown. This repair method can save the homeowner costly structural chimney repairs that could occur if the issue is not solved in time. Chimney crown sealants are applied to chimney crowns that have a few minor cracks. The waterproof seal prevents water from soaking via the concrete, mortar and bricks that make up the chimney system. Large cracks are first filled with a high bond patching material before the sealant is applied on top of the entire chimney crown. If applied correctly, chimney crown sealants can add up to 15 years of life to a chimney crown that has begun to wear.

Rebuilding a Damaged Chimney Crown

If a chimney crown does not have structural integrity, it is best to replace or rebuild it. Similarly, if a chimney crown has begun to show its age, it is recommendable to replace it with a new concrete chimney cap before it too late. A properly designed cement chimney crown that overhangs the outside dimensions of the chimney system is the best solution. Pre-cast or cast concrete crowns reinforced with steel can also be used.

If a chimney crown is damaged, it is important to contact certified Chimney Crown Repair Contractors in Annapolis MD to examine the issue and make the necessary recommendation. For more information on the services offered by chimney crown contractors, please contact Complete Chimneys LLC.

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