Avoid Rodent Problems With Experienced Pest Control in Mesa

There are a variety of critters that no property owner wants around and many of them fit into the rodent family. Of course, the most common member is the mouse. Mice can be difficult to eliminate once their whole family moves in because this particular problem can live deep in the walls. In fact, most mice use the materials found inside walls as material for their nest. Rodent Pest Control Mesa may remove the adults which could eliminate the young by cutting out their food source, but this requires specific timing since mice grow up quickly. The alternative is baits that the mouse can carry home to the rest of the family.

Another troublesome rodent is the squirrel. Many people think this little mammal is cute, but the truth is, a squirrel can cause a lot of damage to a building in their effort to get inside. Squirrels have been known to chew through wood, screens and other weaker materials as part of this process. This may not be a problem for everyone, but the access points also open up the way for other concerns such as birds nesting in the attic. Squirrels often become a concern when a tree grows so well that it gets close to the roof line and eliminating them usually requires expert Pest Control in Mesa.

One of the more difficult mammals to capture and remove is the skunk. Many people may not realize this, but the skunk is actually more afraid of them than they are of it. This is one reason the skunk is so quick to spray a potential predator. Of course, this chemical isn’t poisonous, but it is certainly noxious and very difficult to eliminate. Capturing this particular pest often requires the use of baits and traps, but the animal may also need a tranquilizer to keep them calm during transport.

Once the pesky mammals have been removed, it is time for the property owner to consider eliminating entry points. Small mammals can enter a home through holes as small as one-half inch. If areas such as intake vents or air ducts aren’t protected, then they can become easy entrances for this or other pests. The same is true for areas around pipe connections or even electrical components. An experienced exterminator can point out some of these concerns and may even suggest methods of repair.

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