What Is A Foot And Ankle Clinic?

A podiatrist is the professional that works at a foot and ankle clinic, a clinic that focuses on patients with problem feet, ankles and lower legs.

Often a patient may be referred to a foot and ankle clinic in Chicago by their usual doctor who is of the opinion that they are best served by a specialist; of course, patients who know their condition can make an independent appointment. The podiatrist is qualified and board certified to perform both non-surgical and surgical treatment and procedures on the lower extremities. As problems with the feet, ankles and lower limbs require special attention seeking help from a specialist ensures the most appropriate care, the podiatrist has access to the most up to date developments in podiatric medicine.

Although some foot and ankle clinics can treat any and all problems there are some clinics that tend to specialize in specific areas within the field. Some clinics deal in sports related injuries while others deal with young children, work exclusively with those suffering from diabetes orĀ  focus on reconstructive surgery. Typically, a prospective patient arranges to meet with the doctor who performs initial tests and gather information relating to the patients overall medical health. If necessary the doctor can perform diagnostic tests to help him or her to develop a course of treatment.

Numerous patients are plagued with chronic problems with their feet and ankles, this being the case the patient and doctor work closely to manage and treat the particular issue over a number of scheduled appointments. Chronic problems demand a constant awareness of any complications or changes in the condition which in turn can demand a change in the course of treatment and care. Not all conditions are chronic; many patients have issues that can be cleared up with the minimum of intervention such as corn or wart removal while others are more serious which require surgery such as a shattered ankle.

Typically a foot and ankle clinic in Chicago is located at a fixed address to serve a multitude of patients. There are thousands of patients that live in rural communities that cannot travel to a major center for treatment, in cases like this there are some podiatrists that set up a temporary clinic in a local or regional medical center, thus allowing everyone to seek professional care. For those patients that rely on a temporary clinic it is advisable to schedule their appointment early as podiatrists are in demand.

If you are suffering from problems with your lower extremities you will be looking for the best foot and ankle clinic in Chicago and surrounding areas. You are invited to make an early appointment with Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare.

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